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Meet the Locals of Kisoro Uganda

Meet the Locals of Kisoro Uganda and spend memorable days with the natives, have a meal together, visit a school or a typical African Church Ceremony, or visit one of the projects. Kisoro Tours Uganda supports the local people and we encourage our clients to visit some of our community programs and give them support.

Kisoro Tours Uganda donates $ 2 percent of the total  profits to our Community Programs

Community Best Tourism

Kisoro Tours Uganda is working together with Beekeeping projects, coffee farmers, Community local primary schools, Vocational Training projects, and Community Based Tourism. This unique combination gives the opportunity to meet the local people of Uganda and visit local tribes. It’s not a treasure to see Uganda without meeting the local people, so shape your safari with local people!

Kisoro Honey travel responsibly

Kisoro Honey producers

Kisoro Honey Producers is a community-based organization owned and governed by beekeepers in Kisoro District, South Western Uganda. Of recent, the organization is managed by the board of directors who also double as the initiators of the organization by the names of Dan Ngirabakunzi and Judith Gregory. It has been in existence since 2005. Kisoro Honey producers currently are registered in the district as a community-based organization and the promoters are underway to register a business wing of the organization to enable them to engage in serious business ventures as a legal business entity so as to attain money to sustain the activities of the community-based organization. The organization is involved in the processing, packaging, and marketing of honey and other bee products including propolis, wax candles, and honey wine

Alongside the honey products, the honey production and harvesting equipment are also sold for example the honey harvesting gears and the modern beehives

Kisoro Honey Producers was established as an umbrella organization representing communities in destination areas of S.Western Uganda to understand the importance of traveling leading to tourism as a business, which Kisoro Honey Producers believes, is among the best sectors to help communities get out of poverty. Further, its purpose is to empower local communities in sustainable development that can plan, manage, and develop themselves.

Tourism in Uganda offers one of the best hopes for increasing the income of local people and at the same time preserving ‘protected areas.

Kisoro Honey Producers will encourage communities to develop tourism activities that they can plan, manage, and develop themselves. These activities should not take over from the more traditional agricultural-based economies but provide a needed ‘cash crop’. This is essential to the well-being of the community and the tourism industry that they are trying to create.

Poverty in Kisoro

Poverty in Kisoro

Kisoro because of its location in one of the poor and undeveloped districts in Uganda. When I tell my friends from other districts that I am from Kisoro, I am surprised when they ask me where in Uganda this place could be located. Though many don’t recognize and know about this “small” district, we Bafumbirans, the natives, know how far we have come and where we have reached. You will agree with me that the aspiration of any community is towards great economical, political, and social achievements and development. This is what we intend to promote and encourage everybody to support.

Community tourism can involve everyone. Those in the community, who do not speak English, and have poor education levels or work experience can still be employed as framers, and porters, to transport water and firewood, in trail and compound maintenance, and for construction as laborers. These are not /dead-end /jobs and community members will find opportunities to move into other positions as they develop the needed skills e.g bulking and purchasing of honey, Processing, packing and marketing of honey, mobilizing beekeepers into farmers groups, training farmers in modern beekeeping practices, the supply of beehives and modern production technologies, the establishment of collection centers to facilitate the purchase of honey, building linkages with other stakeholders in the honey sub-sector, training youth in vocational skills including carpentry and weaving’s and developing tour packaged aimed at benefiting the beekeepers.

Unless the area of opportunity for the community involves various sectors, the community may not take ownership of this difficult industry. Tourism revenue should not only be reflected in the jobs and expenditure directly related to the visit but should also be found in sectors such as agriculture or health care.

Beneficiary Primary Economic / Social Benefit

Beneficiary Primary Economic / Social Benefit

The Organization increased revenue from the sale of honey and bee hives/technologies; able to generate enough profit to sustain the delivery of services to the beekeepers and reward the members

The Members

Increased honey yields and the size of apiaries will enable the members to generate increased household incomes. This will enable them to meet their medical, clothing, education, and social obligations.

The Community

Bees will pollinate the crops of farmers and therefore farmers will register increased crop yield. KHP will be able to employ more staff as a result of the project. Increased honey volumes will stimulate the proliferation of other businesses including honey bulking and transportation and seedling nurseries and these will create employment for the community

The Owners

Increased sales will result in more profit for the owners while at the same time helping them to achieve their dream of making a difference in the lives of the very poor farmers in and around Kisoro District

Kisoro Honey Producers will continue the community opportunity through the development of Bee Keeping, as well as handcrafts, dance, song, and drama. These activities widen the opportunity for both the visitor and the community.

Shopping is a major part of a holiday. Quality craftwork is something that can be taken home in order to share the holiday experience. Handcrafts can also be sold outside the community through shops in Kisoro Uganda or even exported if community members are well organized and sensitized.

How to apply

Kisoro Honey Producers welcomes individuals and groups of all backgrounds whereby, you select a program, in which you want to volunteer. Our programs run throughout the year. Email us your application.
If you have questions regarding any service program reach us by E-mail for more guidelines and information

Meet the Locals of Kisoro Uganda

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