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Uganda Single-Day Tours for 2024-2025

Kisoro Tours Uganda is organizing day tours to help its clients explore different sightings in Uganda for those with limited time, those who come to Uganda for workshops/conferences, and what’s to go for a short tour, our 2024-2025 Uganda day tours also can be done after or before Uganda gorilla safaris and other Uganda wildlife safaris. Our Uganda day tours are also good for some of our clients who normally arrive in Uganda a day before the starting date of their Uganda safari and for those who finish their tours a day early. Below are the different activities that can be done on our Uganda day tours within Entebbe, Kampala, and Jinja.

Ngamba island Chimps

Ngamba island Excursion

This chimpanzee tour takes you to Ngamba island to see and als0 spend some time with orphaned Chimps which were rescued from captivity and offered protection on the Island. Get  to watch Chimps while there are being fed.

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2 Day Jinja Town Adventure

2 Day Jinja Town Adventure

This 2 days adventure takes you through Sezibwa falls-the cultural site well known for its spectacular falls, visit the Mabira Forest the largest remaining tropical forest, after proceed to Jinja, explore the source of the Nile.

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3 Days at The Ssese Island Beaches

3 Days at The Ssese Island Beaches

The islands are known for their Caribbean like feel and they will offer you the sight of splendid white sand beaches and sky blue waters. The islands residents include vervet and Colobus monkeys, forest walk, a variety of bird species.

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Examples of our 2024-2025 Uganda Single-Day Tours

1. See Shoebill Stork in Mabamba Swamp

It is only about one hour drive from Entebbe Town to reach Mabamba Swamp and one and a half from Kampala, Mabamba Swamp is the only place in Africa and in the world where you have a 99% chance of seeing shoebill stork, a trip to see shoebill is also not expensive because it only costs between $150 to $200 for a half-day tour to Mabamba Swamp looking the shoebill stork.

2. Tour of Kabaka’s Lake, the Largest Man Lake in Uganda

This is the biggest man-made lake in Uganda which was dug up on orders of the former King of Buganda Kingdom  (Sekkabaka Mwanga) this is a guided tour by a local guide who is happy to share all the history connected to this lake.

3. Tour of Uganda Museum

Uganda Museum is a place where all of Uganda’s cultural heritage, ethnological and natural-historical has been exhibitions and displayed since 1908 so a guided tour of this colorful Uganda Museum will give a chance to learn more about Uganda’s traditional culture, science, local music, natural history, and much more information about Uganda.

4. Tour of Kasubi Tombs

Kasubi Tombs is a place where fallen kings of the Buganda Kingdom are buried, Kasubi Tombs are located on Kasubi Hill which is part of the 30 hills that make Kampala. this place has a rich history so you shouldn’t miss it during your Kampala city tour.

5. Day tour of Ngamba Islands

The Ngamba Island tour starts in the morning from Entebbe and ends in the evening, you will use a speedboat that takes 45 minutes to reach the Ngamba-Chimpanzee Island, This day tour of Ngamba Islands gives a chance to spend a day with orphaned chimps that are rescued which are taken to this Island which works as a rehabilitation center. on this tour also you get a chance to listen to an informative talk from the guides and take part in chimpanzee feeding.

6. Day tour of Uganda Wildlife Education Center (Zoo of Uganda)

A tour of the Uganda Wildlife Education Center is a place where one can see almost all animals found in Uganda’s national parks which include, chimpanzees, lions, elephants, white rhinos, leopards, Hyenas, giraffes, and many more animals that can be found Ugandan National parks

7. Day tour of Jinja and the source of the River Nile

Jinja was known as the adventure and industrial capital of Uganda in the early days and it is still an adventure capital, some of the activities in Jinja range from boat cruises to seeing the source of the River Nile the longest river in the world, white water rafting on the River Nile. Kisoro Tours Uganda will organize the above activities and day tours at the most affordable costs.